August 29, 2015 marks ten years since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, killing 1,833 people and destroying 5,363 homes in the Lower 9th Ward alone.

Following the hurricane, thousands of aid workers, and millions of dollars slowly funneled into the city affectionately known as The Big Easy, but rebuilding was anything but.

In 2007, as rebuilding of the slowly city inched forward, Brad Pitt founded the Make it Right foundation to provide residences for communities in need of affordable and sustainable housing and ten years later, the foundation admirably continuing the work they set out to accomplish years prior.

Since it’s inception, Brad Pitt, Make it Right and all of the active board members, architects and community members alike, shared a common goal: to fulfill the vision of having people all around the world “living in healthy homes” starting in NOLA. In addition, all housing built by Make it Right follows the sustainable model of the “Cradle to Cradle” philosophy , which was created by architect William McDonough and chemist Dr. Michael Braungart.

But the rebuilding in a city with thousands displaced has never been easy. According to the New York Times The ability of many residents to afford housing — in a city of escalating rents and low wages — is more compromised than before. In a recent ranking of 300 American cities by income inequality based on census data, New Orleans came in second, a gap that falls starkly along racial lines

To date, Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation has built more than 100 houses, equipped with solar panels and other eco-friendly accompaniments, for families who otherwise might not have been able to afford a home. The group has plans to build at least 41 more homes, and in many blocks of the Lower Ninth, it is the only active builder.

On this day, take a moment to remember those irreversibly affected by Hurricane Katrina, and a moment to commemorate those like Brad Pitt and his foundation who continuously commit to #BeyGOOD to others.

To learn more about the 10-year progress in New Orleans, check out this infographic

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SOURCE: New York Times , News One , Make it Right Foundation

All photos are credited to Make it Right Foundation

Words by: Rachel Hislop