Girls Inc. of Greater Houston will be hosting a 2 week summer camp on the campus of Houston Baptist University (now known as HBU) for 30 girls ages 12–15. The goal of the camp is to introduce young women to life on a college campus, to teach them in a fun way about science, math and relevant technology, to encourage them to explore various forms of physical exercise, and to stretch beyond their boundaries.

While girls and young women have made great advances, many of them are still entering college and choosing traditional professions. Studies have also indicated that most girls lose interest in science and math by the age of 12. As a result – fewer women are entering into career fields that focus on science, math, and technology in very low numbers. Studies have also routinely shown that there is a marked gender bias by both colleges and employers when choosing job candidates with these skill sets.

It is the hope of Girls Inc. of Greater Houston that by providing girls with a safe, supportive environment – we can courage them to participate in these fields, to consider attending a 4 year university, and most importantly, to work to be strong, smart, and bold in all that they do.

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